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Taking Your Injury Claim to Court

Confident, Better Prepared and Persistent

Preparing every case as if it were going to trial

From the very first moment our lawyers take on your personal injury claim, we are methodical and dutiful in the development of a winning case file that can prevail in court.
However, taking your injury claim directly into the battleground of a courtroom is rarely the first course of action considered by the Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm. By producing overwhelming evidence, 98% of our cases settle through mediation,  before ever going to court. For the 2% of the time when the insurer refuses to comply with a full and fair compensation – we won’t hesitate to take your claim to court.

Building strong case files that can apply leverage

The Kahler Law Firm has the experience in building strong evidence based case files that can stand up under scrutiny and apply leverage on any unwilling insurance company. Our personal injury lawyers are persistent and will explore various legal mechanisms with the goal of achieving optimal results, and the least possible duration and emotional stress on our clients. When preparing your case for court, our team of lawyers will use various methods to provide proof, illustrate hardships and counter rebuttals. Some of which may include:

  • Accident reconstruction investigators
  • Expert witnesses: Medical specialists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, vocational rehabilitation consultants, forensic accountants, neurologists etc.
  • Impairment related limitations: Earning capacity models, labour market surveys,work life expectancy, life care planning assessments, change in behavior analysis, social functioning
  • Demonstrative evidence that can provide the court with insight on the victims functional capacity, and day to day life.
  • Supportive medical documents such as: Medical evidence of injury, rehabilitation consulting, MRI Assessments, brain wave testing, psychometric assessments.

Skilled communicators

Our Lawyers are skilled communicators with the right language and ability to articulate a step by step and persuasive narrative. We provide the court with a deep understanding of the physical, and psychological turmoil that the injury victim suffers on a daily basis; and what the rest of the victims life will be like. Other arguments may include:

  • Loss of income
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of labour market access
  • Medical expenses and future medical care/rehabilitation
  • Pain, suffering and impact

Reputation and Credibility that gets taken seriously

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is imperative when you need your claim taken seriously by the big corporate insurance companies. The law surrounding personal injury claims is very complex and a discipline all of its own. Insurance companies are notorious for protecting their bottom line with deliberate legal tactics. Never ending delay, cunning lines of questioning and measured responses are are all to common experiences that can occur to those innocent victims who are unprotected.

Led by Brennan Kahler, the lawyers at the Kahler Personal Injury law firm will use the weight of the law to protect the rights of our injured clients. Our lawyers have studied at some of the most prestigious law schools in North America and have successfully argued and enforced the rights of injured people at all levels of court, including the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Our lawyers have earned a reputation for being dynamic litigators; respected for our knowledge, experience and persistence by opposing lawyers, judges, juries and clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to take clear decisive action with our client’s best interest always at the forefront. The Kahler Personal Injury law firm is regarded as one of the top personal injury law firms in the country.

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Our firm has built its reputation on extraordinary results. Our commitment, dedication, compassion and relentless drive has resulted in exceptional service and exceptional results for our clients.


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Our firm has built its reputation on extraordinary results. Our commitment, dedication, compassion and relentless drive has resulted in exceptional service and exceptional results for our clients. Please give us a call.

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