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We are proud to have helped thousands of injured clients rebuild their lives.

The following testimonials were provided by actual personal injury clients. Our clients full names are not provided so as to protect their right to privacy.

The Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm is proud of these testimonials from some a small sample of the injury victims we’ve represented. If you have been hurt in a car accident, have been denied insurance benefits, or have suffered any other type of personal injury, we can get you the compensation and results that you deserve. Let us put our extensive skill, resources and  record of proven results to work for you.

The results obtained in a previous case do not guarantee any specific result in a future case. Each case is different. Your results will depend on the specific facts of your case and may differ from the results described here.

Ms. P.C.

“I was very satisfied with my car accident benefits file settlement and the attentive and expert support I received from the Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm’s Car Accident Benefits team.”

Petrina P.

“I want to thank you so much for how you handled my car accident Benefits claim. You far exceeded my expectations.”

David B

“I am extremely happy with the way my claim progressed and was handled. I was impressed with the legal and support team who always provided me with info and directed me to the right person. I am happy and satisfied with the outcome. I am also very appreciative of what Brennan delivered.”

Brenda B

“The Kahler Personal Injury Lawyers handled my claim professionally and achieved an excellent result. Brennan guided me through this difficult time and process. His staff treated me compassionately and ensured I knew what was happening throughout the entire process.”

Mr A. S.

“Mr. Kahler is a positive man and a man of his word. He said what he was going to do and he did what he said. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs them.”

Mark C

“I was extremely happy with the way my son’s claim was handled. The job was 100% well done and I am 100% satisfied. The employees are wonderful and always answered my questions or directed me to the right person. I would recommend anyone to the firm and should I ever need their services again, I would definitely look them up.”

Kim B.

“After suffering a brain injury in a car accident, the insurance company denied my claim. I am so grateful to have found the Kahler Law Firm. Brennan Kahler and his team of lawyers were there for me when I needed them the most. I refer to them constantly. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without them.”

Sue B

“The lawyers at the Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm were fantastic; they did an amazing job with my claim. The staff is excellent, kind and friendly and always passed on my messages to the right person. Brennan has a personal touch when it comes to handling these cases; he knows what he is doing-he cares for his clients. The firm met and exceeded my expectations.”

Joe H.

“The boys and I really appreciate your compassion, guidance and efforts on our behalf during a very long and trying personal injury lawsuit. The case was handled efficiently, effectively and with positive results. I especially appreciated the fact that you were open to my thoughts and wants and opinions, and I never felt pressured. The staff, especially Brennan and Julia were always very helpful and patient in dealing with me, especially Julia who had to keep prompting me for the material she needed. It was a job well done and I am pleased with the service and the results. I am sure a lawsuit is never a pleasant situation to be involved in, and especially so when it deals with the loss of a loved one, but if the need is there, then I would definitely recommend Kahler Personal Injury Law. You did an excellent job.” Thanks!

Angie C

“In October, 2008, my husband was rear-ended by a garbage truck, while stopped. Owning his own business, and being the main supporter of our household, my husband was not able to take time off work to recover. Within a few short months, letters from the insurance company of the garbage company starting coming, stating that he needed to “prove” he needed the treatments, they saw no reason for treatments, and were talking legal terms, as well as “lawsuit”. Not having had gone through any of this before, we decided to contact a lawyer to look after this for us, we chose Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm based on a recommendation. Dean was able to continue to receive treatments. He was sent by both parties to many specialists to try to determine exactly what kind of damage had been done to him. However, he did not get better, and by midyear 2010, he realized he had no choice but to give up his company as he was no longer able to perform his work duties due to the injury. We continued on as best as we could with the help of a lawyer at Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm.  Matt was simply amazing!  He was pleasant, outgoing, extremely determined and motivated to help us! We felt that he new  the pain we were going through. I don’t know where we would be now had we not had Matt’s help! Every phone call, every email sent, was replied to promptly by Matt. The assistants helped Matt and us to make sure that they had what they needed in order to be able to really help us. The confidence radiated like it never had before! We felt nothing but gratitude and relief! When we had to meet with the lawyers and insurance company, despite every trick they tried, Matt was able to help Dean remain calm, and reassured him once again that this was just a trick. After only a few months with Matt, our case was over…Dean was able to obtain a settlement to pull us up a bit and put us back on track. Although Dean will never be the same again, and will always suffer the pain from the accident, this helped Dean gain back his self-confidence. He will never get back what he lost, financially or health-wise, but with his renewed self-confidence, thanks mainly to Matt, he is now managing the pain and we are managing financially. Since first meeting Matt, we knew we were suddenly in extremely good hands, and he pulled through and proved our instincts to be correct. I really don’t know where we’d be without your help Matt! “

Thank you again!

You’ve been a God-send to us, working a miracle!

Barbara, Toronto ON

“After being in a terrible car accident, Matthew Consky and his assistant Carol Baganzi were there to provide me assistance with everything from paper work to emotional support. Their understanding of the Insurance Law set my mind at ease. They supported me from the beginning to the very end and always made themselves available to me to answer any questions I might have and to help me through the decision making process. I highly recommend Kahler Law Firm to anyone looking for a professional team with the personal touch.”

A. Mackie

It is with great ease that I thank the entire Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm staff for their help and guidance. In June/2012, I was a 60 year man who was hit from behind by a car.

The injury was such that I was unable to return to work. Since I was self-employed both the pain and stress began immediately.

First through the guidance of Tracy Romanowski my dealings with my own insurance company for the personal injury accident benefits was in excellent hands. Tracy made sure that I was totally looked after.

For losses and damages, the lawsuit side was handled by Matt Consky and his able assistant Carol Baganzi. Not only did Matt settle my claim to our satisfaction, but he took my wife and I through each step of the injury process with complete understanding of what was going on.

I would also like to thank Mr.Brennan Kahler. He did not just pass my file off to his staff, he was always hands on. If there was a problem understanding a step in the process he was right there talking with me.

Going through this process is extremely stressful for anyone. I would definitely recommend the Kahler Personal Injury Lawyers to all – They will give you the peace of mind and strength to keep fighting for what is rightfully yours.

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Our firm has built its reputation on extraordinary results. Our commitment, dedication, compassion and relentless drive has resulted in exceptional service and exceptional results for our clients.


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Our firm has built its reputation on extraordinary results. Our commitment, dedication, compassion and relentless drive has resulted in exceptional service and exceptional results for our clients. Please give us a call.

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