Start your no win no fee injury claim now. Simply fill out the form provided. One of our personal injury professionals will call you back. 24 Hour ServiceToll Free: 866-739-7702 The Toronto car accident lawyers and legal professionals at the Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm possess more than 50 years of personal injury experience. We have helped injury victims recover more than 100 million dollars in personal injury compensation.We require no up front retainer. You pay no fees until your personal injury case is settled and we have recovered your personal injury compensation. Information submitted will be kept private, used only by The Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm for the purpose of dealing with your claim enquiry.

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How does “No Win No fee” Work?

Legal Fees, Based Upon Legal Results

The No Win – No Fee Guarantee

At the Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm we operate on a contingency fee basis. When we settle your claim, our fees are paid as a percentage of your settlement.

When a potential client has been injured in a car accident, or other type of accident injury,  the legal circumstances surrounding the incident are often complex and placed under legal scrutiny by the at fault persons insurance company. This happens at a time of extreme distress and worry in the life of the injured and his or her family. Victims are often unable to work as a result of the injuries, overwhelmed with medical appointments and struggling to pay day to day expenses – let alone going up against the depth and might of a less than accommodating insurance company.

Without the option of “no win – no pay” contingency fees, few victims would have the means and ability to challenge the big insurance companies in a legal battle with upfront legal payments. The insurance companies would, by default, have many personal injury victims at a serious disadvantage. Without the means to obtain good counsel, injury compensation would be denied or drastically reduced in amount.

Contingency Fees help the injured victim by leveling the legal battlefield. Law Firms like the Kahler Firm have extensive financial & legal resources, combined with confidence in their ability to uphold, defend and prevail in your benefit. Being compensated based upon legal results provides the injured and their families the opportunity to improve their situation and overcome the obstacles to compensation.

The specific terms of the contingency fee agreement is fully explained and discussed with you when we meet to assess your claim. You will never be required to pay us any legal fees until your injury claim is resolved.

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