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Motor Vehicle Accident

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A car accident can change someone’s life forever.

The moments after a car accident are often associated with shock and disbelief.

When an accident results in very serious catastrophic injuries, the impact can be permanent and significant changes to the lives of the injury victim, their family and loved ones.

Even somewhat minor crashes can have lasting physical and emotional effects.

Being involved in an accident can have not only physical effects, but also create strong emotions, anxiety and a lingering sense of helplessness.

In serious car accident situations, police and ambulance will attend the scene. Medical care is administered as soon as possible. Police will secure the accident scene to keep everyone safe from further injury and preserve evidence. Ongoing investigations are carried out to help determine the cause of the accident and who is at fault.

In the days following the accident

After the injured have received immediate care, new concerns arise.

Thoughts turn to the every day realities of making an income. If injuries are serious and disabling, it may be impossible for the accident victim to return to work. Family members may need to advocate for an injured person and take over the responsibility of finding and organizing suitable medical care and treatment. Head and spinal cord injuries may create one or more disabling conditions. Multiple surgeries may be required with certain injuries such as burns. It is a massive life change not only for the injured person but also for the loved ones who advocate for him or her.

Where can you go for help?

It is important to obtain an experienced Toronto car accident lawyer who can guide you through the car accident injury claim process right from the beginning. Consultations are free, and no fees are paid until you have received your settlement.

If you have sustained minor injuries or property has been damaged you can claim accident benefits through your own car insurance. As soon as possible or within 7 days of the accident report your accident to your insurance company and begin the claim process.

Your own insurance company is responsible to cover minor benefits through No Fault Accident Benefits. These benefits are minimal and rarely compensate victims for all their losses. These benefits are not given freely. Your insurance company will look to minimize their financial exposure by disputing your injuries and delaying or denying your claim. The burden of proof rests with the injured person to prove the full extent of their injuries.

When families and victims suffer serious loss or injuries caused by someone else, they can apply for further damages through a tort claim. The insurance company of the, at fault person, is responsible for payment of all damages and future losses through tort law.

Accident victims suffering severe and life changing injuries can receive compensation for damages including past and future pain and suffering, loss of income, health and medical care, and loss of opportunity. People who have suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one through wrongful death have a 2 year time period within they must initiate the process for a tort claim. Benefit amounts are influenced by the severity and disability involved.

A common first step used by insurance companies is to deny or limit claims. It is your right and responsibility to defend your right to claim by launching a dispute if you disagree. Victims who are backed by the guidance and support of an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer find insurance companies far less argumentative.

Weeks and months after the accident

With proper medical care and rehabilitation the injured person should be recovering and settling into a new life. The road can be very rocky and uncertain however. There can be complications from surgeries, assistive devices and from the injuries themselves. It takes time to sort out the diagnosis. After the diagnosis is made it takes time to find the best possible medical care and rehabilitation.

Years afterward

Financial support is crucial in securing the best opportunities not only for medical care and treatment but, for ongoing quality of life. Benefits are available through no fault insurance and tort law. Although innocent accident victims have a right to damages for their losses, they are often minimized or denied. It is up to the injured person and or his family to make application for these benefits.

The laws surrounding personal injury accidents are convoluted and complicated. At Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm we understand the strain our clients and their families live with on a daily basis. Our team of lawyers are experienced with the ins and outs of personal injury accidents and the laws involved. Claims must meet the allowed dead-lines, our ability to help is subject to the statute of limitations.

The legal questions that keep you up at night are usually easily answered by us. Do not hesitate to ask us anything at all.

We are successful in earning the best possible financial re-reimbursement on our client’s behalf. In most cases we are able to mediate fair settlements out of court. When settlement amounts are too low or we are unable to agree with the insurance company, our car accident lawyers diligently prepare  your case for court and bring overwhelming evidence to trial.

We offer a “No Win No Fee” guarantee to all personal injury clients. No fees are ever collected until your case has been won and you have received your settlement award.

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