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Looking to find a personal injury lawyer in Toronto? Ask these questions before hiring

questions to ask personal injury lawyer before hiring
When you go to see a prospective Toronto personal injury lawyer, he will have many questions for you. You will be asked about the accident, how it occurred, who was at fault, witnesses, injuries, medical examinations and diagnosis.

Just as a professional in any field has varying degrees of ability and experience in different areas, personal injury lawyers do also.  People who have been seriously injured may be eligible for compensation through the insurance company of the at fault driver(s) . Insurance companies are first and foremost running a  business.  They will defend their bottom line aggressively and have highly skilled and experienced lawyers and staff whose sole job is to find ways to deny or critically limit client rights to benefits.

Important questions to ask before choosing a personal injury lawyer

Do you specialize in a particular area of personal injuries?
Many personal injury lawyers in Toronto have chosen to specialize on certain types of injury claim. Ask what type of personal injury cases the lawyer specializes in or does he cover all types? For instance, a lawyer who specializes in “mass torts” or medical malpractice may not be the best choice if you have been hurt  in a car accident. Look to find a personal injury lawyer who specializes in  car accident  injuries and the specific laws and challenges involved. He needs to be familiar with insurance law and the the tactics employed by insurance companies defending those types of claims. He  must know the loopholes and tricks insurance companies commonly use, so he can inform his clients what to watch out for and how to protect themselves. (See page: Why Choose The Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm?)

Have you successfully represented cases similar to mine?
The likelihood of a winning case is very low with inexperienced representation. You want a personal injury lawyer with expertise and experience in winning maximum settlement awards in similar cases. The legal costs are the same, so hire a lawyer with a proven track record.

Do I have a case? 
The lawyer will need to ask you lots of questions and perhaps get signed releases to obtain further information, before answering this question.  He must be able to prove that your injuries were caused by the negligent or careless actions of someone else, or that someone else was partially to blame. He must be able to prove that your injuries are genuine and life altering. While you are interviewing to find a lawyer who is best suited to represent your case, he will be evaluating you and your case to decide whether or not there is enough evidence to support your claim.   The financial costs and time required to prove a personal injury case are massive.  Better for both sides to know up front whether or not you have a case.

What is my case worth?
If your lawyer has experience with similar cases to yours, he will use this information and research from past court cases to help give you an idea of what is realistic. ( See page: What Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?)

When will I receive compensation?
More complicated cases usually take longer to settle.  If there is no argument about who is at fault and no argument about the injuries or extent of disability, settlement could be swift, however this is rarely the case. There are almost always at least two sides to every story,  depending on whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant (the insurance company acts as the defendant)  and what you have to gain or lose. An insurance company may make a low settlement offer and move to settle quickly or drag out the time between proceedings, hoping you give up.  Settlement offers and counter offers that remain very far apart may be forced to settle at trial.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can give you an idea of what to expect with regard to your particular circumstances. (See page: How Long Will My Car Accident Injury Claim Take?)

Do you have court room experience?  
A good trial lawyer will begin to prepare your evidence for court as soon as he agrees to take your case.  The details of your case will be thoroughly researched, investigated, documented and organized. Lawyers known for their ability to build court cases with an extensive, complete and systematically documented body of evidence usually settle before going to trial. When the insurance company, knows they have nothing to gain, they will settle rather than spend more time and money in court. Ideally it is best to hire a trial lawyer. Your claim will be more likely to settle for top dollar in mediation – and if court is necessary, a seasoned trial lawyer is your best chance for a successful outcome. (See page :Taking Your Injury Claim to Court)

Will you be personally representing me as my lawyer, or will you be passing my case off to a different lawyer or law firm?
This is a very important question that should be asked of any potential lawyer or law firm. Not every law firm is equipped with the necessary knowledge, experience and resources to handle complex personal injury litigation. Its not uncommon for firms like this to refer your case to another lawyer or law firm in exchange for a finders fee.

Does your law firm have the necessary financial resources to successfully represent my claim and skillfully litigate my case in court if required?
Asking these and other tough questions will help you find the right personal injury lawyer for your case. Choosing the right lawyer can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of your claim.

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