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Disability Claim Denied? Protect yourself – Ask these questions before you decide on a lawyer

March 6, 2021

If your disability claim has been denied, then the next step is to seek out the right lawyer who can guide you through the process and successfully resolve your claim. At first, choosing the right lawyer may feel like a taunting task – but when equipped with a little knowledge and the right questions to […]

What the insurance company doesn’t want you to know about long-term disability claims

July 20, 2020

  People who are disabled from working face the burden of financial uncertainty in addition to the pain of their illness or injury. If you have a long-term disability policy you can make a claim for benefits to tide you over until you are well enough to go back to work. However, claimants will be […]

Filing a Disability Insurance Claim? Total Disability, Partial Disability,Residual Disability. Learn About The Benefits You Are Entitled To

June 27, 2020

  Long Term disability insurance is intended to provide income protection to individuals or employees that become ill and unable perform all or any of the duties of his or her regular occupation. When litigating disability insurance claims, your lawyer must clearly determine the amount of disability benefits that you the claimant, are entitled to. This […]

A Personal Injury Lawyers Lesson On Life Insurance Claims.

May 11, 2019

When  Life Insurance Claims Are Denied A life insurance policy affords peace of mind and a financial promise when the policyholder dies. It can provide for children and spouses while replacing lost income, paying bills, funding education and covering funeral and final expenses. Peace of mind turns to panic and disbelief when the insurance company […]

Learning to Adjust: Living with a Long-term Disability

October 23, 2015

The Ontario Nurses’ Association states that 1 in 3 Canadians will be disabled for 90 days or more at least once before they reach age 65. Macleans recently reported that each year, 6% of Canadian workers are forced to change their work status due to “a personal illness or disability, either taking an extended leave […]

Proving Post Accident Chronic Pain In The Absence of Medical Evidence

May 4, 2015

  When people are injured in a car accident, the physical signs of injury can heal within a few months, in spite of remaining pain. Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting for a minimum of 6 months. In many situations, the pain begins due to an auto accident. Chronic pain is a difficult disability […]

Fibromyalgia Litigation Chart- What you need to know to ensure a successful outcome

February 20, 2015

Auditor General Report on Public Insurance

November 6, 2014

“Delayed benefits are not just inconvenient – they can also potentially cause financial hardship and hinder medical improvement and return to work. Inconsistent decision-making inadvertently treats similar claimants differently.” In a 347-page annual report released on Wednesday, the MB auditor general says that Manitoba Public Insurance does not always offer or provide personal injury protection […]

Critical Illness Insurance Scenario

November 5, 2014

Critical Illness Insurance Maggie’s mother and grandmother had both passed away with cancer. Maggie realized that due to modern medicine, cancer was no longer an immediate death sentence. As she got older she reflected on the ways her mom’s long illness had affected her dad herself and her brother and sisters. She increasingly considered the […]

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