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Accidents Can Just Happen. Fair Settlements Don’t . Why Do Some People Fail To Get a Personal Injury Lawyer?


car accidents can just happen. Fair settlemnts don't. Get a lawyer


In many cases victims of serious personal injuries innocently assume the “system” will do the “right” thing. They mistakenly believe the insurance company will make a fair payout without hassle or argument. They trust the kind person at the insurance company. Because they have never any experience even similar to this they do not understand the forces working against them, until it is too late. They may try to represent themselves, either because they do not realize the magnitude of the situation or to save money. They may hire their real estate lawyer, thinking that all lawyers are created equal. Good lawyers like in other professions specialize.

Know the issues

Fault must be proven in order to make a successful claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows how to investigate the details of the accident and pays attention to minute details and inconsistencies. He /she works with a team of professionals who make sure investigations are done promptly and thoroughly. This includes questioning witnesses, scanning photos, medical reports, police reports and social media. He will protect your best interests by looking over any paperwork the insurance company may ask you to sign. Your personal injury lawyer will protect you from intimidation tactics and buffer you from the the insurance companies often first stance of you don’t have a claim!

Most people tire of reading and give up trying to understand complicated insurance contracts. Personal injury lawyers have a full grasp of insurance law and know how to decipher complex wording. They are experienced with scanning minute detail and how to find inconsistencies.

Your injury lawyer will make sure he understands the nature and extent your injury and how it is likely to impact current and future issues regarding health, career and relationship. He has access to past client files and cases with some similarities to yours to help identify crucially important details. Effective and experienced personal injury lawyers collaborate and routinely work with a team of medical, rehab, traffic, tax, and other professionals.

When Lawyers build and present your case they refer to pertinent legislation and subsections of acts. They research and use information and rulings from past cases and how they have set precedent for the proposed outcome of your case. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows how certain laws affect other laws. They know how to follow court procedure.

These points are not to be taken lightly, if you have ever sat in court as a layperson and tried to follow and understand what was going on. You know exactly what the issue is. Our Lawyers understand what your insurance companies legal team are saying, regarding legal wording and reference to legislation or precedent cases. The ability to communicate with legal terminology saves time; but it is only effective if you understand the meaning.

In conflicts and battles

You can count on disagreements. You will have to prove your rights to benefits. Do not expect your insurance company to step forward and do the math in your best interests. They will not figure out how much it will cost to replace lost income, provide necessary medical care and give you the best options possible for health and well being. Right off the bat, no matter the injuries or where the fault lies, there will be different points of view and opposing goals. Usually your lawyer can successfully win your claim through mediation without trial. If trial and going to court is necessary, you need a seasoned warrior on your side. Your best defense is the strength and confidence of a lawyer who will not back down from the fight.

Who is on what side?

Every player chooses a side and a team. There is your side and the other side. You want to get your life back as fully as possible. You want to be out of pain, have an income, and enjoy your family, your friends and your life. Your lawyer is on your side. The insurance company is on their own side.  This might mean you get very little or nothing. Insurance companies usually reply to your claim request with a customary first stance; they may simply deny your claim. They often drag their feet with getting back to you. They will require you to see endless medical professionals of their choosing. All of this takes more of your time and energy; which is good for them and bad for you. Insurance companies  have a staff of legal advisers on their side. They have been down this road many times before. Its what they do and they have experience with what works and what doesn’t. It usually works very well for them…as long as you do not have a lawyer.

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