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Slip and Fall Injury Prevention – Tips to Safeguard Your Home and Personal Liability

Slip and fall injuries and liability advice Toronto

The winter season in Toronto, GTA, and Barrie area can be a beautiful and scenic wonderland but it is also full of peril and danger. Nobody wants an injury to occur on their property but it happens and you can and will be held liable, which can quickly turn winter from a wonderland to a nightmare.

With the frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall it’s great to cozy up inside and keep warm but don’t forget about your responsibility to prevent slip and fall injuries on your property.

Have No Fear, Keep Your Ice Clear

Preventative maintenance like shoveling snow and salting ice can prevent a world of headaches because you are liable for injuries that occur on your property. It happens more often than you might think so to help you have no fear, here are some tips to keep your ice clear.

Preventative Maintenance Tips to Avoid Slip and Fall Injuries:

  • During periods of heavy snowfall shovel regularly to keep driveways and walkways clear
  • Use ice, sand, or other de-icers to melt or prevent ice build-up that may lead to slips and falls
  • If using sand for de-icing, microwaving the sand can help speed up the de-icing process
  • Clear snow and ice hazards such as icicles from your roof
  • When possible direct downspouts away from pedestrian traffic areas like sidewalks and walkways
  • Look up city by-laws regarding resident responsibilities when it comes to ice and snow removal

When completing your preventative safety maintenance to the exterior of your home be sure to take precautionary measures.  Here are a few things to remember…

  • Use an ergonomic shovel and lift smaller loads to prevent back and shoulder injuries
  • Lift with your legs, not your back
  • If using a snowblower be sure to follow all the safety rules outlined in your manual
  • Assist elderly and disabled citizens with shoveling
  • Take short breaks to not over exert yourself

Reduce Your Liability and Take Precautionary Steps IF an Injury Occurs on YOUR Property

It is important to take these measures seriously, if an injury does occur on your property it is important to take proactive steps…

  • Provide first aid or call an ambulance for the injured person
  • Immediately take steps to remove the hazard area (de-icing, shovelling, etc)
  • Document the accident with date, time, and other pertinent details
  • If the injury is serious it is important to speak with a lawyer

Winter is a wonderful time full of great outdoor activities but don’t forget to be proactive in safeguarding your property because slips and falls are part of the season. If you remember to keep your ice clear, you can move forward without fear.

If a slip and fall injury has occurred on your property or you are a victim of a slip and fall, our team of experienced lawyers can help you through this. Call Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm at 1-866-739-7702.

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