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Roll-Over – Car Accident Injury Lawyers

Studies by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety indicate that a vehicle roll over happens only in 2% of car accidents. Even though the actual numbers of roll over crashes are low compared to the total number of car crashes that occur annually, the resulting devastation in terms of injury and loss of life is much higher.
Some car accidents are more dangerous

Victims of rollover car accidents are at increased peril because of the serious injuries and fatalities that result including:

  • Traumatic brain damage
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Catastrophic injuries

All of these injuries are life altering. In the moments and weeks following the accident just breathing can be a struggle. For seriously injured people the ability to work is not an option, at least for the present, and possibly for an unknown length of time. The more pressing issue is to stay alive and get well.

When injuries such as these occur, it turns life upside down not just for the injured person but for his family and loved ones also. Medical appointments and consultations to deal with pain, enhance healing and prevent further damage are time consuming and emotionally taxing. The common activities of everyday life have been exchanged for an exhausting list of impossible decisions and a future of unknowns. The last thing you want to worry about is how to pay for all this. Kahler Personal Injury Lawyers work with clients on a contingency basis. This means that injured clients are not required to pay anything until the claim has been settled. We do not get paid until we have succeeded in winning your case either in court or through negotiations, and won the compensation you need.

No one wants or plans to be in a roll over accident. Just to be on the safe side there are a few basic things to be aware of: Following these simple guidelines can and have saved lives.

  • Wear a properly fitting lap and shoulder seat belt. Make sure all occupants do the same. A seat belt cannot protect you from all injuries in a roll over, however can protect you from ejection.
  • Small children should travel in the back seat with a child seat appropriate to their size, head guard, lap and shoulder seat belt
  • Limit the amount of extras in the car that would become a speeding missile on impact with someone’s body in a crash situation.
  • Keep your tires in good condition, balanced and properly filled with air to enhance safety in a skid or on uneven ground
  • A rollover can happen when vehicle drops a wheel into a pothole or soft shoulder on the roadside. Make sure your speed is suitable for the road conditions. Do not make a practice of rapid acceleration or braking especially when making turns or on uneven roadways.
  • Vehicles with a narrow wheel base and more height are more prone to roll over accidents. Heavy loads at this higher center of gravity compounds the chances of rollover even when driving on a straight roadway if one side of the vehicle hits a soft or low spot on the roadside. This vehicle design includes SUV’s, trucks and ATVs. The above safety tips pertain to cars and trucks used on public roads and highways. ATV rules are different. To safeguard against an ATV accident, it is crucial to be familiar with and follow the laws and guidelines for your specific machine.

Always see a doctor

Miraculously, some drivers and occupants in a vehicle rollover accident don’t suffer from any obvious injuries, beyond cuts and bruises. However, even for someone fortunate enough to walk away from the crash, it is important to be checked out medically. Injuries such as concussion, other more serious traumatic head injuries and neck injuries develop and become more painful and evident over the course of days and weeks. Even though invisible at the accident scene, head injuries can create seizures, headaches, forgetfulness, confusion and vision problems among other disabling symptoms. You may be required to miss time at work, or in some cases, unable to perform the duties of your job at all. Disability caused by these injuries may be ongoing even though they were not apparent at the crash scene.

Protect yourself: Know your rights

If you have been in a roll over or any other type of crash it is wise to call an experienced personal injury lawyer, even if no injuries show up immediately. Retaining a personal injury lawyer, will protect you in the event of an injury that develops into something serious even many years later. Even if you are well, there is no harm done, in taking precautions. Insurance companies will welcome the opportunity to have you sign off on any rights to claim as soon as possible. With the knowledge and the support of an experienced guide on your side you can avoid making costly decisions that can disqualify your rights to compensation should you require it at some point later on.

Although some accident victims walk away, the statistics for fatal and serious life altering injuries are higher for rollovers than for other motor vehicle accidents. The costs of immediate medical care and therapy are overwhelming, not to mention future losses regarding medical care and lost income. People who have been injured due the careless or negligent actions of another person are legally entitled to compensation for their losses. Although the injured has a legal right to financial award, insurance companies often deny claims or minimize your right to compensation.

Our highly trained personal injury Lawyers are familiar with the legal wording of insurance policies and the tactics employed to limit or deny your claim. There are strict time limits within which you must apply for these benefits. The time limits vary depending on the situation. Insurance companies leave it up to you to be aware of the time limits involved and make application within the time period allowed.

If you or a loved has been injured or suffered loss in a roll over or other serious accident, or if you have questions regarding time limits, injuries or any thing – Our Rollover accident lawyers are prepared to provide a no charge, no obligation consultation at our office or at another meeting place of your choice. There is no charge for our initial meeting and no upfront fees if we agree upon representing your roll over injury claim.

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