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Pet owners are strictly responsible for their pet’s actions

Pet owners are strictly responsible for their pet’s actions. For example, dog owners in Ontario are governed by the Dog Owners’ Liability Act which holds owners responsible for any injuries or damages caused by their dog.

As a result of the recent snake tragedy of the two brothers killed by his African rock python, the owner of the python faces manslaughter or criminal negligence charges. Pet owners are held responsible, even if they took measures to prevent an attack. There is no compensation for someone who is attacked by a dog when they entered the property with the intention of committing a criminal act.

Most pets, being part of the family, are covered under most home insurance policies and your insurance will pay for most damages. Certain exotic animals may be considered non insurable and as such, owners would have no coverage in the event of any damage caused by their pets. Some insurance companies may not insure certain breeds of dogs, depending on the temperament and history of the breed.

In terms of exotic pets, there are no federal laws governing the ownership of exotic pets – every city and province has their own laws. For example, it is illegal to have an African rock python as a pet in New Brunswick, except with special permission – as would be the case with a zoo. However, in Toronto, pythons less than 3 ft in length are permitted as pets, and in Ottawa, pythons less than 2 ft in length are permitted. In Winnipeg, this species is completely banned.

Dog attacks are the most common. In order to make a claim for a dog attack, the injured person must determine who owns the animal and show that she was injured by that animal.
Animal attacks must be reported to the local health unit

When assessing damages for an animal attack, the Court will take into account a variety of factors. These factors include: the impact the attack had on the victim’s life (pain and suffering); future cost of care for the injuries; and, any financial loss incurred as a result of recovery time off work. In addition to being monetarily compensated, a court can: prevent the owner from owning another dog for a defined period of time; order that the dog be destroyed, sterilized, or restrained by a leash at all times.

The Personal Injury Lawyers at the Kahler Law Firm have helped victims of animal attacks and serious dog bites obtain compensation for their losses. We require no up front retainer. You pay no fees until your case is settled and we have recovered your injury compensation.

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