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Chronic Pain Disorder – Case Result

Office manager suffering a chronic pain disorder

Franca Bertolone* was a wife and mother who worked as an office manger for a collections firm in Toronto.

Franca was involved in a car accident and suffered injuries to her back and neck. The pain in Franca’s back and neck caused her daily pain, headaches, difficulty sleeping, fatigue and depression. Franca developed a chronic pain disorder.

The chronic pain disorder caused Franca difficulty at work and at home. She had no energy. She was in constant pain and had little energy to socialize with friends or participate in any of the activities she previously so enjoyed.

Ultimately and despite her best efforts, Franca was forced to give up her job as office manager and take an early, unplanned retirement.

The Kahler Personal Injury Lawyers helped Franca advance her claim by arguing that she should recover all of her future wages to the time she intended to retire, at age 65.

The defendant rejected the claim. It argued that Franca never intended to work till age 65. The defendant claimed that she could still work and that she was using the car collision as an excuse to take a “paid, early retirement.”

Brennan Kahler and The Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm pushed the action on toward trial. Ultimately, the defendant was forced to settle the claim and Franca recovered compensation that ensured that she would be taken care of for the rest of her life.

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