November – Worst Month For Pedestrain Accidents

November 30, 2011
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Statistics show that November is by far the worst month For Pedestrian Accidents. November 28 and November 30 average of 11.8 accidents each day, nearly doubling the regular daily average of 6.1 accidents. The safest day of the year is Christmas Day, averaging only two accidents a day.

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Recent statistics (obtained from the Toronto Transportation Services – traffic management centre) show that in 2009 there was 2189 pedestrian accidents in the city of Toronto. Out of that number, 2053 pedestrians sustained injuries and 31 pedestrians lost their lives. On average, most pedestrian accidents occurred on Fridays followed by Wednesdays. The majority of those pedestrian accident happened between the hours of 4pm and 5pm (rush hour). These statistics show that drivers have to be on the look out for pedestrians, especially in the twilight hours; and pedestrians need to pay more attention to traffic.

Pedestrian accident deaths tend to be higher in urban areas because of increased pedestrian activity and volume of traffic compared to rural areas. There is a higher ratio of deaths to injuries in rural areas doe to the increased speeds that impacts usually occur on rural roads.

Pedestrian Accident News

*November 29, 2011 . News reports broadcast that a 60 year old Markham women has been fatally injured in a pedestrian accident at the 9th line near Berzy gate and Highway 407. The victim, accompanied by another women (20 years old), was crossing the roadway, then struck by an on coming vehicle, then forced into opposing traffic.

*Unrelated incident – Another women was also sustained life-threatening injuries earlier yesterday afternoon in the Birchmount Road area.

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